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I wonder what it must have been like at Malfoy manor every time Draco uttered “Wait till my father hears about this!”


Narcissa: “Lucius! A fourth owl has arrived today from Draco.”
Lucius: “What is it this time?”

#Father: the breakfast spread here is atrocious. Something must be done. Dutifully: Draco.#Father: Professor McGonagall looked at me funny today. I for one am appalled by this shocking display of backwards favoritism. I think she slipped Potter and his ginger oaf and Mudblood pet a biscuit just to rub it in. Disgraceful. Affrontedly: Draco. #Father: I can’t remember what I was going to write to you about but it was something very important. I shall write you again as soon as I recall the reason for my offense. Forgetfully: Draco.